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  • What is CBD?
  • CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It's a naturally occurring substance.

  • Does CBD get me high?
  • CBD is not psychoactive.

  • Will I have trouble with drug tests using CBD?
  • As with all hemp products, there is a chance that consumption could trigger a positive drug test. Consult your doctor and/or employer if this is a concern.

  • What are the shipping restrictions for your CBD products and THC products?
  • In accordance with the various restrictions of THC, we are still unable to sell THC products in Europe. To find out where Select THC products are sold in the US, please use our Find Us tool or ask your local dispensary if they carry Select products when you are visiting!

    The laws surrounding shipping CBD products are governed by your national Government. We currently ship to all European countries. From the time you place your order, it typically takes between 24 and 48 hours to leave our warehouses. From there, Royal Mail will process your order and arrange for doorstep delivery within 1-2 business days.

  • What is the process of shipment? Where is my package?
  • With each purchase, a shipping notification email is sent to the email account associated with the order. The notification will include an order summary along with a Royal Mail Tracking number which can be used to track the package. After the product has been picked up from our warehouse facility (typically within 24 to 48 hours) you will we issued the tracking number. At this point we cannot stop the shipment from being delivered.

    If your tracking status through Royal Mail indicates that the order has been delivered and you have not yet received your package, we would urge you to reach out to Select CBD at and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to ensure your package is located and delivered.

  • What is your process of extraction? Is your product full spectrum?

    Select CBD is our 100% industrial hemp derived CBD isolate blended with fractionated coconut oil & the purest essential oils to allow for an exceptionally clean vaping experience.

    A short-path distillation method is used to isolate our CBD from naturally grown hemp and marijuana grown in the United States in order to sustain the highest purity and potency standards.This distillation process eliminates the need to winterize our product, as there are no residual products aside from the isolation process. That also means that our vaping product is not a full spectrum or broad spectrum product. To isolate our CBD, we use a food grade ethanol. We use no PG/VF/glycerine/glycol, no artificial additives, and no artificial coloring in any Select products.

    Our ingestible products are derived from full spectrum and will be available shortly.


  • Why am I having troubles with my discount code?
  • The first thing to do is check to see if the discount code bar is available when checking your cart. If there is no code available, please check your carts contents as they may already have a sale or promotional price applied, negating the ability to use an additional discount code. Please always double your spelling as some of the codes may be unique in spelling.

    In the discount bar, place your code. If problems persist, please contact our awesome support staff at

  • Can I pass a drug test while using CBD products?
  • In short, individuals should always exercise caution if they are concerned about triggering a false positive result. Understanding the drug screening process is the first step to determining your risk for such a result. Fortunately for most, the urine drug screen for THC-COOH is known to have very little cross-reactivity to other cannabinoids that are not psychoactive, such as CBD. Having said that, even though Select CBD includes only CBD isolate when it comes to any cannabinoids, we still are legally unable to confirm the outcome of any drug tests while using our products.

    What is your return policy?

    We have a great return policy and would recommend that you review our web page and follow the instructions outlined which pertain to your specific situation. You can find that page here:

    If you are having any additional difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome support staff at

  • What is the recommended doses?
  • Our drops are a 1000mg tincture created for oral or topical use.  One milliliter of oil, or about 1 full dropper, contains 33mg CBD.

    Although there is a lot of information available online regarding recommended dosing amounts, we are not able to provide direct dosing recommendations.  We always recommend speaking with a medical professional if you have concerns and note that your personal experience is dependent on your individual wellness and needs.

  • Can I travel to other countries with your products?
  • We do not recommend that you take our products anywhere that it is not legal to do so. Please check your destination’s laws surrounding hemp and cannabis products.

  • How do I use your all-in-one pens and cartridges?
  • For the best experience using our pens and cartridges, we recommend taking a light 3-second draw. Our CBD vape pens are a 250mg of CBD prefilled, no button disposable pen (non-refillable). To activate the pen, simply place the end with the hole in your mouth and inhale for three seconds. Each pen contains approximately 100 to 150 three-second puffs, each containing around 1mg - 2mg of CBD. The pen will not produce vapor when it is out of oil and the disposable battery is charged to outlast the oil.

    When using a cartridge, attach to a Select battery or any 510 threaded battery set at 3.0 - 3.5 volts and 4 watts. To prime the cartridge, simply draw in lightly for 3 seconds without firing the battery.  All oil must be at the bottom of the pen for proper use. Also, be sure the connection between battery and cartridge is clean each time you disassemble the pen or change out the cartridge, for an optimal vape experience.

  • Can I sell Select?
  • As Select grows, we want our the entire community go grow with us. We are always looking for new partners to grow our wholesale accounts and encourage those interested to speak with our awesome customer service that would be happy to assist you and put you in contact with our Wholesale Director.

    For those not looking to buy industrial amounts, we have a great referral program available to any of our customers looking to tell others about the great experience that you have had with Select while earning commissions. When you sign up with our program and go to your Affiliate Dashboard, you'll notice your referral link on the home page. This link can be copied and shared with your network! You can find creative ways to share this link yourself, or you can easily access helpful resources we have provided for you in the "Marketing Materials" tab. And of course our team is always ready to provide any assistance as needed.